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Keith Taylor

Hi again James,

I think this is a big subject that you have broached. Because, I can’t help thinking that it involves explaining something like the life-cycle of uric acid crystals. So, that would highlight factors that affect formation, location, duration, and resolution. Therefore, it’s a big project. But, I already have one massive project at the moment which is to complete the reorganisation of practical tips for different types of gout sufferer.

Now, I’m not shying away from this. But, I have to think of the value it will give compared to the time taken. So, I have 2 ways to tackle projects that involve explanations beyond a simple short question and answer session.

1. Create a suggestion to publish on That can be an enhancement to an existing page. Or, it can be a new page. Either way, you need to browse existing suggestions. Then either comment on a suitable suggestion. Or, start a new suggestion. Because, It’s Your GoutPal.

Or, 2. Create a personal plan to learn what you need to know. Although I assumed that service would mainly be used for treatment plans, it’s equally suited to learning plans. But, you have to start a personal gout diary first. Because, I have to create a meaningful space where we can run question and answer sessions to meet your goals. Ultimately, this might be a better option. Especially if you want heavy involvement in the direction of the project. Because whatever we produce, I can adapt for the millions of anonymous gout sufferers reading

I won’t lie. Both of these options require some effort on your part James. But, you don’t seem frightened to get stuck in.

Finally, for point 5, which I think is relevant to everyone on allopurinol. Irrespective of wanting to learn about uric acid crystal lifecycles.

Let’s imagine you recover from gout with allopurinol. It is true that uric acid crystals will start to grow again as soon as concentration breaches the crystallisation point. But, if you’ve had a good clear out, you can last for years without having another gout flare.

So, in the report attached to Perez-Ruiz claims over 4 years. But, note this is entirely dependent on getting uric acid below 300 μmol/L during treatment. Then, the time depends on what it rises to when you stop allopurinol. Therefore, once again, we see that gout has to be managed on an individual basis. Who’s to say that you couldn’t last 13 years if you do 3 years on maximum allopurinol? Or, maybe you have to do 15 years on maximum allopurinol and 13 years off. It’s just a numbers game that nobody can predict. All we know is that uric acid crystals will form again if uric acid rises above crystallisation point.

However, before gout flares become obvious, the uric acid crystals cause a lot of damage. So, if DECT was more widely available, it would be easy to get an annual check that would tell you when to restart allopurinol. I hope that day is not too many years away. When uric acid control stops being a guessing game, and starts being managed based on exactly what is happening in our bodies.