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Keith Taylor

@d-q if we could isolate a single gout attack, I’d say 5 to 7 days to resolve it naturally. Also, I’ve recently learned a little bit about how we might reduce that to 3-5 days. Because what we eat can influence how quickly inflammation subsides. So, as we learn more about efferocytosis, I’ll probably get a better idea of numbers of days for natural gout flare resolution. In any case, it’s good to be aware of factors we can manage to avoid lingering gout.

But, if you don’t get uric acid below 300μmol/L (or at least below 350, i.e. 6mg/dL), you are likely to get another attack. Which is likely to happen before the previous one resolves. Therefore, the Gout Hell scenario that I mentioned earlier seems relevant now.

So that’s why a good plan is essential. Because you need to get through the Gout Hell risk zone as quickly as possible. Also, nothing I’ve read recently persuades me that my personal plan is wrong.
Firstly I learned to control gout pain so I could stop an attack within half a day. Usually, around 2 hours, max.
Secondly, I safely titrated allopurinol up to the max. Which is 900mg per day in the UK, 800 in the USA.
Also, that allowed me to do 2½ years on allopurinol. Then, 3¼ years without meds (but I think I’m pushing it now!).

In conclusion, I guess I just like to get on with it. Because I spend far too much time procrastinating before I act. Maybe, other people like to start quicker. Then, edge forward at a slower pace.