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Can Allopurinol cause Joint Pain?

Hi Keith,

Thanks for your reply.

I am noticing a decrease in my joint stiffness now. It’s better than what it was a couple of days ago.

My uric Acid Levels are as follows
Feb 20-> 7.0 md/dl
After using febuxostat 40mg for 6 weeks
Apr 1-> 4.0 mg/dl
Discontinued the febuxostat and after 11 days
Apr 12-> 7.0 mg/dl

I am wondering if the uric acid lowering medicines just mask the symptoms of high uric acid level but they never get rid of the crystals that are deposited in the joints. So from my understanding the moment we discontinue the medicine the uric acid level rises again. And it keeps adding to the crystals that are already there. It looks like these crystals can only get bigger and more painful but they would perhaps never fully vanish from body. Also I notice these tinges in many other joints in my fingers and toes unlike many who only seem to have it at a single joint.

Indian diet is different from what western diet is and for us rice and pulses are our staple foods. I am an eggitarian but live with my family. It’s baffling really. I asked my doctor couple of times what to eat and what not for my gout diet but he just said I should stay away from meat and asparagus,mushrooms. I am already avoiding foods with high purine as per info on the internet. But in the South Indian context, that info is not all that helpful. There are many other oils, spices, pulses that we use in our diet. I am compiling a list of all food items that we use in our kitchen and hopefully you can help with some of the foods.

My doctor switched me to Allopurinol now but from my research on the internet both febuxostat and Allopurinol can cause serious side effects but I guess we do not have many options now. The natural or home remedies do not seem to do any good.