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Keith Taylor

Gavin, it sounds to me that you’re in a place I call Gout Hell.

To explain, uric acid crystals often bite twice. Firstly, when new crystals form, our immune system triggers the painful inflammation process. Our white blood cells often fight the invading crystals silently. But, when they have to call for reinforcements, we get inflammation in the form of a gout attack. As an aside, colchicine can block that process. Though, it does nothing for inflammation once it has started. So, I often recommend a combination of colchicine and naproxen (or similar anti-inflammatory).

Secondly, when uric acid levels fall below the crystallization point, old crystals start to dissolve. Now, the crystallization point varies from person to person. Also, it varies in different parts of our bodies, and at different times. But, typically, it’s in the 0.35-4.0 range. So, as crystals start to dissolve, they are visible to our immune system again. Not only that, but the dissolved uric acid can push levels up again, causing new crystals to form.

So, Gout Hell is a place where our immune system is constantly challenged by old crystals dissolving, and new ones forming. Which means:

1) You need a gout pain control package that is more effective than naproxen alone. Modern thinking is to combine it with other drugs. So, I’ve mentioned colchicine. But it’s not for everyone. However, naproxen/paracetamol combos are often very effective. Anyway, there’s thousands of combinations that will keep gout pain under control while you enjoy your life. So, you need to discuss this with your doctor.

2) You need a uric acid control package that gets your uric acid safe asap. Then, once you’ve recovered from your current uric acid burden, you can take a longer term view about lifestyle changes that might reduce your reliance on uric acid lowering meds.

I can help you as much as you want me to. Either continue to ask casual questions like this topic. Or make a bigger time commitment in a personal gout diary. Possibly leading to structured gout help plans. It’s completely up to you how you use my gout support services. Just remember, I’m here whenever you need me.