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urankjj .

Only one time was uric acid included in my blood work in those 5 yrs. That was two month ago. And only because of my own suggestion that it should be screened for.(Isn’t health care great today) it was 6.9, quite high I think. I have had many crippling attacks in those 5 yrs. About 18 months ago I changed my diet drastically. No red meat, no seafood, no HFCS, (high fructose corn syrup), witch is in everything now-a-days. Had great results, no flare-ups at all. Until I ate fish three times in one week about 10 weeks ago. Within days a major flare-up in my right foot. Off work for 1 week. I am a 61 yr old male in otherwise good health. Anyway, do you have any input or info on supplementing with malic acid ? Thank you.