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Keith Taylor

Thanks for that extra information, urankjj. Hopefully, it helps me frame my answer in a way that is relevant to your situation. But, we’re still getting to know each other. So, if I get it wrong, please just ask me to clarify.

Firstly, I have bad news. Because, there is no gout research into malic acid. Except for a one line mention of a German book – Der Apfel (The Apple: A tried and tested new home remedy) – in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. But, I can’t verify the claim in that journal that:

it is known that malic acid dissolves uric acid, and is therefore an important source of relief when someone suffers from gout or rheumatism (Buchter-Weisbrodt and Schöber, 1998)

Unfortunately, I cannot find an English translation of that book. So, I’m not certain how true that claim is. Also, if it is true, I wonder why there has been no pure gout research into effects of malic acid on uric acid.

However, there is some verifiable science that malic acid should help gout sufferers. Because, according to one investigation I found (“Malic acid supplementation increases urinary citrate excretion and urinary pH”), malic acid can improve urine pH. So, it should help gout sufferers in 2 ways:
1. Alkaline urine prevents uric acid kidney stones.
2. Alkaline urine promotes uric acid excretion.

Before I continue, I should stress that I prefer healthy diet to achieve alkaline urine. Because I believe using supplements to mask unhealthy diet will lead to other health problems beyond gout. But, you might have a different view.

Thanks to your question, I can see that there is lots of new research on the benefits of alkaline urine for gout sufferers. So, I ought to try and find time to review it. But, that’s a long way from saying malic acid is good for gout. Because, you need to consider total diet. Also, you need to measure uric acid with, and without, malic acid supplementation.

At the moment, urankjj, you seem to be making positive steps to control your gout. But, I hope you don’t mind me saying, your approach could be more scientific. Because, you cannot judge how successful gout treatment is based on short term gout flare symptoms. You can only manage gout by testing uric acid and comparing results with interventions. Now, it’s up to you how you take that. I mean to say that I can help you with a more carefully planned approach, if you want that.

But if you prefer to manage gout in your own way, that’s perfectly OK too. Then, you can ask me questions as they occur to you. Because, I’m here to help in whichever way suits you best.