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I’m sorry about your situation mate and if it’s any consilience I am literally in the same boat as you. I had an attack attack 3 weeks ago yesterday and had my second flare up about 5 days ago (literally back-to-back). The attack started off lightly, got worse then got better then I started walking on it (maybe a little too early) only to be struck by another attack 5 days ago. I too stopped naproxen about 10 days into the primary attack as it didn’t do much. The primary attack came literally 3 days after increasing allopurinol from 200mgs to 300mgs (hoping its me coming out of Gout Hell as Keith explains). I’ve tried to hold out measuring my uric acid levels until the attack subsides to avoid incorrect results but was too worried the increase in allopurinol might be causing liver/kidney problems so decided to get the blood test anyway. I’ll have the results tomorrow so as Keith said we’ll have a rough idea were my levels stand.

To be honest I haven’t changed my diet too much after starting allopurinol. The whole point of allopurinol is to give you a sigh of relief with food habits not changing too much providing you generally eat reasonably healthy. An extremely strict diet will only help so much before medication becomes the most ‘convenient’ way to enjoy life. Holidays breaks, burger with friends, etc.

Finally I too would like to hear what your doctor has to say.
Good luck buddy.

, which PH stripes do you use mate? Any generic ones from eBay/Amazon? Thanks pal.