Reply To: First Gout Attack – Is Colchicine or Naproxen best?

John Harding

Thanks Keith, I was originally told to take 500 micrograms of colchicine a day, after 5 days and no improvement I rang my doctor and she gave me naproxen at 500mg twice a day but told me to stop taking the colchicine.
It’s nearly two weeks now and the pain has subsided but the swelling is still there. I have found that swimming is ok with it and obviously puts me in a better state of mind. I have not drunk alcohol for two weeks now.
I have to decide whether to go into work tomorrow and risk inflaming it further ( it will mean 8 hours on my feet) or stay off until it has completely gone down.
If/when I get the next attack I will know to take colchicine and naproxen straight away and hopefully this will shorten the flare up. Many thanks Keith.