Reply To: First Gout Attack – Is Colchicine or Naproxen best?


It’s good you’re able to swim but if you’re still taking Naproxen and you’re not used to taking anti-inflammatories for so long, it might be prudent to get a blood test done quickly. You need to get your uric acid tested anyway so you might as well get tested for signs of stress caused by prolonged used of Naproxen.

500 micrograms of colchicine ain’t much. That dose may be somewhat useful as a prophylactic but I think you’d need more than that to effectively put the brakes a flareup. If you’re smaller than me, such a low dose may be moderately effective but I’d still inquire about upping the dose. Maybe you have a condition which would make a regular dose of colchicine bad for you but some of us have taken a lot more for a few days without experiencing serious side-effects.
I have no experience with Naproxen but I guess you couldn’t safely take much more than 1000mg a day. Some people may be able to tolerate a bit more though.
Even if you’re feeling better, it’s best to inquire about higher doses or different drugs in order to be prepared in case you get hit by another flareup in the future. You wouldn’t want it to last that long!

In my opinion, a little residual pain is OK but you should find a way to suppress the swelling in case it’s caused by ongoing low-grade inflammation because until that’s resolved, your system may remain primed to go back into full flareup mode quite quickly.