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Hello Gavin. Welcome to the best Gout site on the web. It sounds like you got the right man on the job with Keith, and listen to what he says, as well as the others who are experiencing many of the same issues as you. Of course, like anything, some will do what they want to do….i.e. Herbs, juices, holistic medication, etc.

I won’t reiterate what the Keith has already said, but I will tell the one thing that I preach… GET HEALTHY, buddy. First off, there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting down a “few ales.” Honestly, I do the same myself. But one thing you mentioned was that you were “no doubt overweight” and this can be an issue, buddy. It looks like you are already addressing it by posting your new diet plan, but couple that with a light exercise plan to go along with that. Walking and swimming to start. Basically any aerobic exercise to get your heart to a target level, and sustain it for a period of time. As you get more acclimated to that, stretch your distance, or challenge yourself. Try a hike, or light jog. Maybe biking, which is easier on your joints. Either way, proper diet, proper hydration and exercise will not only help your Gout, it will help you with any other potential issues you may face in the future.

Keep the posters updated on your progress and as always, good luck buddy