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Keith Taylor

Non-alcoholic beer has been discussed in the old forum. It’s an interesting discussion, but it wandered well away from the original post about Near Beer and gout. Please feel free to repeat any of those interesting points to discuss them again here. Or, start new topics about them.

As for research into gout and non-alcoholic beer, I believe there has only ever been one study. So, Eastmond’s “The effects of alcoholic beverages on urate metabolism in gout sufferers.” is widely referred to. Including, references to the drinks being tested were vodka with orange juice, regular beer, non-alcoholic beer, and orange juice But, I’ve only ever read the abstract:

The purine contents of commercial, low-alcohol and alcohol-free beers were determined. Four gout sufferers were studied under controlled conditions before and after ingestion of four different beverages containing alcohol, alcohol and purine, purine and neither alcohol nor purine.

The results show a significant increase in purine excretion with a fluid load alone and impairment or reversal of this response with the other three beverages.

These results are difficult to interpret on the basis of the alcohol and purine contents of the beverages alone. Isohumulones are present in all beers. Their effect on urate metabolism and excretion is unknown but needs further study as a possible explanation of these results.

These results suggest that the three beverages other than a fluid load alone are unsuitable for gout sufferers.

Unfortunately, that tells me nothing, as I can’t find the data to which it relates. So, in my mind at least, it’s probably another complete waste of time that misses the point. My point being: why do you drink so much beer, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, that it affects your gout? Alcohol, like meat, has little effect on gout, when consumed at healthy levels.

Non-alcoholic Beers photo

How much non-alcoholic beer does it take to affect gout?

Here are the important links to relevant facts from the introduction to this topic:

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