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Hi Keith,

Thanks for the link but India is a diverse country and the food habits are diverse as well. I searched extensively but couldn’t find any advice for South Indian diet. And I am not a vegan. I love cheese a lot and used to drink at least 1 glass of milk everyday with Protein supplment. Ultimately when I doubled for 4 months. At the same time I was taking certain biscuits as healthy snack alternatives and turns out they are protein rich as well. And I didn’t know that Peas are high on protein as well. So I believe it is this faulty protein-rich diet that led to my gout.

And I am seeing a rheumatologist this week for checking my uric acid levels two weeks after my allopurinol start and I would check with him if he has any dietary recommentations. In India we don’t get low-fat milk or low-fat curd. I get the Toned milk(first one in this link):
And Yogurt is prepared in our house through this milk. Since I have been told to stay away from sugar and Protein supplements, I am not sure how I should be drinking my milk now. Because without any sugar the milk tastes bland and for while I thought about a powder called Horlicks but my doctor said that it is mostly sugar and thst wouldn’t help my cause.

Previously I used to eat an omlette every now and then but now I am making a conscious effort to have at least 4 eggs per week. 4 soaked almonds everyday. Peanuts+Chickpeas paste in the morning. These are my protein sources.

I am going to stick with Allopurinol because I am not having insomnia as I did when I had febuxostat. Allopurinol causes mild joint stiffness every now and then but overall the symptoms have abated. It’s not as bad as it was for the first 2 days. I got to monitor my uric acid levels this week to see if Allopurinol has worked. I will ask my doctor about options in case I have a sudden attack midnight.

Thanks for your advice Keith.