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Gavin Robinson

Hello all

Bit of an update.

Finally managed to get a doctor’s appointment last Thursday morning. Explained to him what was going on and showed him my readings. He said they are interesting but they won’t use prick test meters to make a diagnosis.

Because the pain isn’t in my great toe (I get it around my smaller toes, but behind) he’s not entirely set on gout and he’s unsure if it’s gout or a mortons neuromo. Could be both I guess? (Nice ….). Anyway he said to tell my wife I am ‘an odd case’. I have a further appointment booked for Monday morning and a follow up week today including lab blood test.

We talked about diet, he was surprised I had even cut out the moderate purines like chicken, he was fairly adamant I’d be ok on those.

We talked about pain relief, I said the naproxen works to some degree but not for a severe attack so he has prescribed me some colchicine.

Last night I had my first curry (chicken madras) in a month and 1 beer. I got into bed at around 10pm then I was up in agony until 2.30am. I took 2 naproxen at 11pm – did nothing. So I decided to break out the colchicine. Took one of those at midnight, by 1am I seemed to have some relief but still too painful to sleep so took another around 1.30am. Last time I checked the clock was 2.15 am then kids woke up at 6.30am lol. I’m now low on naproxen so took 2x400mg ibuprofen with my breakfast and I have to say the pain today is now much lower (probably more the colchicine?). This is the first time I’ve experienced that on a really bad attack, I’m normally in agony for at least 2 whole days.

Another thing I wanted to mention, was last night when I had the pain my leg muscles were also spasming (this was before any medication) anyone else ever had that? Not sure if it could be just a reaction to the pain?

UA prick test reading was 0.41 this morning so definitely on my high end based on previous results above. My mate (who has gout) says he was told they don’t normally prescribe allopurinol unless you’re over 0.5? Don’t know how true that is? Was just what his doc said.

Anyone know anything about mortons neuromo or what else this could be of it’s not gout or that? Nerve related maybe? I’ve looked at mortons neuromo and although the pain area seems to fit the level of pain profile doesn’t.

Anyway thanks again too everyone that’s responded. I’m sure we’ll all get there in the end.