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Allopurinol is prescribed in cases when lab test come back at around 0.4. It’s just that if your UA is kind of borderline doctors may work harder to make sure your symtoms are really gout before prescribing it.

The way you talk about colchicine, you’re taking it as a kind of painkiller. But it acts slowly and prevents attacks from coming back. It’s better to take it before you start really hurting.
If you’re feeling better but your symptoms aren’t completely gone and assuming you did not experience serious side-effects from your last colchicine pill, I’d recommend continuing to take a little for at least a couple of days. You didn’t say how much colchicine there is in your pills and I’m not your doctor so I can’t tell you how much you should take exactly but pills taken during the night ought to be effective for at least part of the following day.