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Colchicine did give me itchy eyes a few times after starting the pills but not an actual rash. That went away after a while even though I was continuing to take the pills.
Another thing: it’s sometimes recommended that people on colchicine be careful not to touch their eyes with dirty hands and such because of the way the drug hampers your immune system.
If your rash gets worse, consider not taking colchicine anymore until you’ve reported that to your doctor. The drug remains in your system a while so some side effects may not go away immediately.

Colchicine often gives people diarrhea, especially at higher doses. I’ve experienced that but it seems others also got stomach pains and such. Stomach pain is something I got with Ibuprofen instead.

I don’t think 1600mg Ibuprofen per day is a very high dose but I’d say it’s still more dangerous than 1.0mg of colchicine a day (but everyone is different).
Ibuprofen can also cause increasing damage over time. Some people are more sensitive than others so I think you ought to get blood tests for that if it’s the first time you’re taking that much every day for weeks on end. The same goes for Naproxen.

If walking causes foot pain, I personally recommend finding another way to exercise or simply to get a hot shower because you need to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing a bit. Some people also get hot foot baths to make their blood flow in the foot specifically.
If you can’t walk much, I think it would also be wise to carefully make your foot move while you’re lying down. It doesn’t matter much if you’re only hurting a few days but not making your foot move and bend in every direction for weeks on end can cause damage which won’t heal fast.

With about 1.0mg of colchicine a day, you might succeed in getting rid of gout symptoms completely within 2-4 days. Some people use more for a limited time but I’d recommend trying a moderate dose first.
If your foot has been painful for weeks though, that may have caused damage that won’t heal that fast no matter how thoroughly you get rid of gout symptoms. Gout can also be triggered by mechanical damage which might initially be masked by gout.