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Gavin Robinson

Hi all

Bit of a brief update this time. Went to doc’s again this morning. Spoke to him about how I should be using the Colchicine, turns out the pharmacy printed the wrong instructions on the label! It should have read – Take 2 daily but no more than 4 – but actually read to only take them when needed!

So anyway, he said to take 2 per day for the time being until he has a chance to check my UA level via lab test then we can work it out next steps from there. Based on how its gone last few days I think I may be able to get away with 1 per day, I discussed that with him and he said if you can then even better. So my plan will probably be 2 per day this week then try 1 per day next week and see how it goes. As I said I want to get back on the exercising (I have a cross trainer at home!) so that’s the immediate plan and maintain the diet of course!

We also spoke about the rash around my eyes, he said nothing really to worry about but its a trade off vs. the agony of the flare ups. So I think I’ll take that. As I said in a previous post I’ve not had any of the usual side effects like being sick or diarrhoea (or not yet anyway fingers crossed).

Just to add a bit of humour he was also telling me how he was still ‘hanging’ from a stag weekend in Dublin. Copious amounts of Harp Lager and Jameson’s Whisky?? I’m like, you’ll be next mate!! 😉

Next milestone will be blood test on Sat morning.

Again, thanks everyone for your replies/support!