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Keith Taylor

Carolyn’s mention of Pepto Bismol has attracted some interest from gout sufferers who use that particular antacid. However, Pepto Bismol should be avoided by gout sufferers.

I still cannot find any specific advice on the best antacid for gout sufferers. However, in the pre-market trials of febuxostat, some tests were done on the effects of antacids. In that case, a mixture of aluminium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide was used. Brands of antacids that use this mixture include:
– Alamag®
– Alumina and Magnesia®
– Antacid (aluminum-magnesium)®
– Antacid M®
– Antacid Suspension®
– Gen-Alox®
– Kudrox®
– M.A.H.®
– Maalox HRF®
– Maalox T.C.®
– Magagel®
– Magnalox®
– Maldroxal®
– Mylanta® Ultimate
– Ri-Mox®
– Rulox®