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Keith Taylor

Firstly, Sandeep, I’m planning to spend my 60th birthday next year, in Goa. So, if you know any places that you recommend visiting, please tell me in the General Discussion forum.

For your diet, protein is good for gout. That gets misunderstood, because most high protein foods are animal flesh. But vegetarian protein sources, and dairy products are good for lowering uric acid. However, you need to avoid too much protein. Because, it puts an acid load on the kidneys, which can reduce uric acid production.

Excess sugar isn’t good for gout. But, dairy fat shouldn’t be a problem. So, no need for low-fat milk or cheese. However, you still need to control calorie intake. Because too much fat can make you overweight, which is very bad for gout.

Generally, allopurinol should mean that you can eat anything you like. As long as you remember weight control and a good mix of healthy whole foods. But, it takes several months to work fully. So, it is usual to experience some gout symptoms at first. But, you are doing the right thing in getting uric acid checked. So, let’s hope you will soon be fully recovered.