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Keith Taylor

This is exciting! Because, I love to hear about new ways to help gout sufferers. Of course, I’d love to know more about the processes you are researching. Therefore, I invite you to give me a brief overview that I can use as piece on my main website. Then, I’m convinced that will attract many more answers to your 3 questions. Pending that, here’s my answers:

1. It would interest me to the point of obsession. But, to put that in context, I’m obsessed with most practical gout research. More importantly, I feel that gout sufferers are very badly served with current uric acid test facilities and interpretation of results. So, anything that can improve that is at least as revolutionary as Uloric to gout sufferers. With more knowledge, I might even claim it’s as revolutionary as DECT for uric acid deposits monitoring. Can you imagine a world where we can get non-invasive measurement of total uric acid burden in crystal and dissolved form? I’m so excited I won’t sleep until I find out more! 🙂

2. I’ve suffered excruciating pain. Worse than that, permanent uric acid damage to my joints still restricts my knee mobility despite having gained complete control over my gout.

3. I would take 2 colchicine tablets (1 to 1.2mg depending on tablet size). In the past, I would have done this at the first sign of gout symptoms. So, I would have added a dose of ibuprofen. Then, I would monitor the symptoms and take further pain relief if necessary. If I had access to your early warning system, I would still take the colchicine. But, I would monitor my symptoms, before taking anti-inflammatory or other analgesic relief if necessary.

As ever, if there is anything about my response that needs clarification, please ask.

Noninvasive Uric acid Monitoring using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy image

Uric Acid chart is not necessarily relevant to the research in this topic. But, it’s the only relevant image I could find