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Keith Taylor

Not for this thread, but I’d be interested to read about your experience with uric acid test. Because, I’m intrigued by your cost issues. But, more importantly by “results tend to be all over the place.”

Anyway, that’s up to you. Because, I’ve no wish to intrude. But, more importantly, I agree with your skepticism on point 3. Over the past few years, I’ve read lots of new revelations about our understanding of triggers for gout flares. Also, I don’t recall any research that links gout flare incidence to changing blood uric acid levels.

Now, it’s clear that flares cannot happen without a history of excess uric acid. By which I mean uric acid levels high enough for crystals to form. Also, uric acid levels in the blood might be a factor in triggering gout attacks. But, the latest research that I’m studying suggests that a bigger flare factor is related to Free Fatty Acids (FFAs).

On the bright side, boffins might confirm the FFA connection. Then, maybe, measure FFAs together with uric acid, non-invasively. So, given the if, buts, and maybes, we might have an effective solution.

But, I have to conclude with another note of skepticism. The biggest tragedy of gout management is that frontline healthcare professionals do not follow professional rheumatology guidelines. So, would better uric acid monitoring necessarily lead to better gout management?