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Hi Keith, I read that article and the logic makes perfect sense to me too, thanks. So I’ve decided to go ahead with the 400mgs dose. I’ve started off slightly slower by taking 400mgs on alternate days for a week and will go the full 400mgs starting Monday.

I’d also like to mention that my attack has finally substantially subsided. The inflammation has almost completely gone and I’m able to walk on it far more frequently. There is still discomfort there but I think that’s just the muscles in the foot adjusting to being able to walk on it correctly flat again (I hope anyway).

The quicker recovery “seems” to have come from the hot foot soaks in Epsom salt and the “possibility” of the increase of allopurinol to 400mgs on alternative days a week ago. That’s inconclusive though but it could be further proof of your article and research.

Once the attack completely subsides I’ll take another blood test to check UA levels on 400mgs daily and update you. I’m also expecting an appointment letter from a new rheumatologist as I’m not comfortable with my existing one due to he’s explanations and treatment plan.

Finally mate, I was wondering how long you too the maximum dose of 900mgs allopurinol and if you managed to check those UA levels for me as I really want to discuss with my rheumatologist if I can do the same and then take time off allopurinol like you?

Thanks for everything Keith, you’ve been so supportive.