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Thanks for your encouraging words nobody. Yes, I’ve noticed my muscles are definitely not taking too kindly walking the correct way and not on the outer side. I’m hoping that would subside in a few days.

The 336 ummol measurement was taken during the gout attack so I’m not entirely sure just how accurate the reading will be when everything clears up eventually but I’m definitely trying to keep the blood flowing to that area as much as possible and to be honest am hoping that 300mgs is enough. I started the 400mgs to clear things out quicker and because I believe I was in gout hell. Once the attack subsides I’ll be sure to check my levels again and see if 300mgs was all in fact that I required but for now I think 400mgs is my best bet, if it’s significantly lower then maybe I can revert back to 300mgs again. I’m not really an alcohol drinker and might have the occasional beer once every month but nothing really more. Believe me mate, I’m trying my best to find my optimum lowest medication dose as quick as possible as gout is seriously debilitating and I just don’t want anymore attacks. This flare up was two back-to-back and was a disaster. 5 weeks.

I’m also waiting on Keith’s response is on my previous post as I’m thinking of doing the same thing (maximum dose for a period of time to flush out and do a major debulk then taking time off allopurinol or at least taking a very low maintenance dose afterwards).

I’m not too sure what you mean by if I start getting pain that goes away within a few hours to a day? Would that be for a limited time because of final crystals dissolving?

p.s. Do you have a nickname we can use, thanking nobody is a little strange 🙂