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Hi Tawrikit 🙂

At some point you’d experience diminishing returns anyway.

Unless I understand wrong, do you mean damage to health from allopurinol then any more useful gain from it..?

And the faster you’ve increased your dose, the quicker the dose required for you to feel safe ought to diminish.

I’m not too sure why that makes sense, the speedier increase generally assists in debulking quicker so if anything allows to get on and off the dissolve train quicker? That’s as far as I’ve been understanding it so far. Providing no health problems are sought in the first 100-300mgs trail of allopurinol

That said, I wouldn’t drop my dose as soon as pain subsides. Think weeks, not days.

This is why I was thinking of hitting 400mgs for a month or so until this attack has fully healed +- another 2 weeks or so extra for safety (I cannot believe it has taken this long) and to check levels again in a month time whilst on 400mgs and then possibly adjust from there back down to 300mgs to see if that dose is suitable going forward. I would assume that 300mgs is not really enough though because its so close to 350 ummol which is round about were gout hell starts and warning labels kick in. Unless 336 ummol was inaccurate because I was in the midst of an attack and it could actually be much lower.

This is why I was contemplating a heavy debulk with a relatively high dose for 6 months and then relaxing my dose right down or even stopping it for a little (I’m not a fan of medication either but its pain for gain).
I think that’s the approach Keith has taken.