Reply To: GoutPal Testimonials

Keith Taylor

Wow! Thanks, d_q 😀

Your kind thoughts are exactly the reward I crave for running GoutPal. That’s not to say that I constantly crave praise. But, it’s very satisfying to know that I’m helping gout sufferers.

However, I must return the compliment, and praise your bravery on behalf of thousands of gout sufferers that you help every day. Because, your questions help in two ways:
1. You step up and ask questions that thousands of gout sufferers want to know the answer to. But, most people are scared of asking questions in forums. Also, quite rightly, they want to keep their medical situation private. Then, they see you’ve braved the barriers, and got the information they also need.

2. Your questions often make me think about ways I can make my information better. Sometimes, this is new gout information that I need to publish. Often, it is improvements to current information. Either way, you prompt me to improve GoutPal.

Ultimately, I think it would get tedious if we all spent every day praising and congratulating each other. But an occasional ‘thank you’ reminds us all we are doing something worthwhile.

So thanks again d_q, and thanks to everyone who makes time to post to the gout forums.