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Keith Taylor

Today I realized how important these Gout Gamechangers are. Because, I believe there are key facts that every gout sufferer should know. Furthermore, these are so important that:
1. We can interpret them as rules of managing gout. Because, if we ignore them, we will reduce the speed and quality of gout recovery.
2. I need to consider training courses for understanding each rule.
3. I must highlight them clearly so they are easily accessible to all GoutPal visitors.

Also, I’ve identified 2 more Gout Gamechangers:
– Gout management must be personal on a case-by-case basis. So, the common practice of one-size-fits-all gout treatment plans is dangerously outdated.
– Gout is a killer disease. So, the fact that autopsies are starting to consider gout as a cause of death means enlightened gout mentors will stress the importance of early uric acid control.

So, that makes a total of 9 rules, so far. But, I must resist the temptation to number them. Because, they are all equally important to total gout care. Also, we should never forget the unwritten rule of all lists of rules:

Rules are made to be broken! However, you must realize that they can only be broken when you fully understand the rule. Then, you also understand the circumstances that make the rule important. So, you might identify special circumstances that suggest a better way.

Anyway, I’m going to start the process of highlighting the rules of gout management. Because, I’m working on a new article that summarizes these Gout Gamechangers as important rules. So, if you have any rules that I’ve missed, now is the best time to add them.

Please add your comments about the rules that I’ve already identified. Then think about adding any that I’ve missed.

Thank you.