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Keith Taylor

Hi Jean,

I wonder if you’ve tried varying the time you take allopurinol to see if that has any effect on your digestive problems. For example, you could try one of the following for a few days:
– Take allopurinol before eating.
– Or, take allopurinol during your meal.
– Or, take allopurinol after eating.

Then, if you make a careful note of your symptoms, you can compare strategies to see if any works best. Also, you could vary the amount of time between eating and allopurinol. Or, experiment with breakfast, lunch, or tea.

Also, have you seen the Gout and Antacids topic? We discuss different types of antacid and their possible effects on gout. I haven’t included Gaviscon yet. But, I can see there are different formulas under the Gaviscon brand. So, there could be different effects on gout sufferers. For example, I noticed that one of Gaviscon’s antacid formulas contains Sodium Bicarbonate. Which, is not great for gout sufferers, or anyone else, if you’re taking it every day.