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Hi Ruben,

I’d like to start by saying sorry to hear about your recent flareups.
I, like you, was initially worried about allopurinol for the rest of my life and how that would affect me. So I avoided it at first and left it to see if I got a second attack and sure as sugar I got a second attack a year later whilst planning to go to Greece, Notting Hill Carnival afterwards and around the time of my birthday and pretty much missed out on all 3 events. For me, that was enough to say “take the meds, eat what I like, and live my life to whatever extent I can”. To be honest mate, if you have no ‘real reason’ to quit the meds apart from a voice in your head saying ‘I just don’t want to be on meds all my life’ then in all honesty mate that is the wrong approach. However allopurinol vacations are a possibility and you should take a read of Keith’s fantastic article / thread posted here:

Review Is Allopurinol A Lifetime Drug

In direct answer to is 100mgs enough, following traditional methods, starting low and increasing the dose moderately (either every 3 weeks or monthly with blood testing) is probably the right way to go and will more then likely keep attacks to a minimal [probably not stop them from coming at first though]. Too much too quick will cause any crystal build up to dissolve very fast and possibly too fast for your body to handle and as the saturation of uric acid in the blood rises so fast from the dissolve it may actually re-crystalise if the body can’t flush it out quick enough. However raising your dose ‘too’ slowly may or may not put you in gout hell, see this link:

This is why there is no real universal answer. The best dose and the correct way of increasing your dose is best done according to your blood test results before and after each increase also making sure you include kidney function tests with your blood tests.

Finally, with each increase you should be well prepared for a possible attack and as I can’t take Colchicine, I have Naproxen ready to take should I feel an attack coming on which I also take for a day or so after I feel the attack has passed to be sure.

Hope this helps and good luck.