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Re: “I believe a Pro/PRAL scoring system will benefit Gout Foodies”

I took a look at the USDA’s abridged list and, neglecting items with missing values, spices, processed foods and such the only <-4 PRAL foods containing >10% protein were (ordered by decreasing protein content):
Beans, black, mature seeds, raw
Beans, pink, mature seeds, raw
Beans, adzuki, mature seeds, raw
Peppers, sweet, green, freeze-dried
Seeds, lotus seeds, dried
Peppers, pasilla, dried
Unsurprisingly, beans are the star food but I didn’t see peppers coming, much less lotus seeds.

I then tried the naive protein*PRAL/kcal and got somewhat more intriguing results. Here’s the top of the list (the first item scoring a good bit higher than the others):
Peppers, sweet, green, freeze-dried
Beet greens, raw
Spinach, raw
Amaranth leaves, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt
Cowpeas, leafy tips, raw
Peppers, pasilla, dried
There are many foods bearing names I don’t recognize like kanpyo a bit lower down that list. The best beans score fairly well but still under 60% as low as raw spinach.
In sum, amusing exercise but not very useful. Maybe with a more sophisticated scoring system…

A big problem with this approach is that it doesn’t take the protein mix into account. People shouldn’t be getting most of their protein from beans!
I don’t think there’s a way around scoring how the whole diet is balanced (something which is as far as I can tell is often done very poorly, even by professional dieticians).