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Rich Blazeski

Hi guys,

Well I rulled oud another blood test this week,after 15 days, the result for Acid Uric came to be 5.9 mg/dl, I also found my file from exactly two years ago and then at routine control I did check the acid uric which was in normal values and from what i remember was for sure under 5 mg/dl,what could have happened meanwhile?// still issues are here now,so I don t know how much it matters that value anyway since is two years ago. anyway i don t know yet the exact value as I am waiting reply from the clinic I performed the tests.
besides that I lost about 3.5 kgs in weight due to the stress..and lack of food, definitely i don t know what to eat..i have 60 kgs now,at 1.75 cms height/ I m skin like a goat..what to eat..i gave up meat, i ate acutally 3 times/meals in 20 days.

Today I saw another doctor-rheumatologist this time, he said he believes that the issue is because of hyperuricemia, so he told me to take:

Milurit -100 mg for 20 days and after stop it and check again the level of uric acid, from what I understand is same with Allopurinol.
Aflamil-100 mg for first 2-3 days when I start Milurit.

Also told me to stop Milurit if after 2-3 days I start having pains.

Besides that I still have pains after 20 days since started.not big but still there. some days good some days better. didn t take any medicine as the pain is tolerable.

What do you think ? to start the medication with milurit for 20 days? is this good? as ussualy i saw that this is taken for longer periods.
i would also wanna try some homeopat things. maybe this could help me go below 5 .is this possible?

besides that he told me to avoid fish and organs and meat soups. in rest i can eat whatever i want. was very short, didn t give me a lot of attention, told me just to not worry is ok, although i was about to cry because of this problem which it is overwhelmed me.

some advices would be appreciated..?

thank you