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Hello again,

You need to eat. And you need to eat enough of everything your body needs. The longer you don’t eat right, the more dangerous it is.
Not eating enough can raise your uric acid. It can also worse your symptoms.
If you don’t know what to eat, there are dieticians. But any reasonable person you know could help, especially if they’re vegetarian or vegan.
There are so many things you could eat… but basically you need to be eating a lot of three types of food if you’re not eating meat:
-either milk/yogurt or lentils/chickpeas/beans
-cereals (or things made from cereals like bread)
-fuits and vegetables
And when I say you need a lot of each type, I really mean a lot. A decent amount of yoghurt would be half a liter per day for instance (of course you don’t need to eat that much if you also eat other foods belonging to that type, be it lentils or cheese).
If you’ve been starving yourself, starting with hummus and pita would be nice for example if you like eating that. Just don’t forget to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as well. What to choose really depends on your culture and on what you like.
And of course you need to make sure you’re drinking enough water!

Yes, Milurit is normally taken for longer periods. I suppose you’ve been told to take it for 20 days as a kind of test. At this stage, more information is needed. It doesn’t mean you won’t be needing the drug afterwards. In fact you might possibly need a larger dose.

Getting more tests is good in my opinion. Your old tests results are relevant too.

Last but not least, do seek psychological help if you’re not eating or sleeping or simply if you feel like you need someone to talk to about your problems.
Needing psychological help doesn’t mean you don’t have a real problem. It simply means your real problem is hard on you.