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Rich Blazeski

Hi man, thank you for your reply, I will post the exact value from two years ago when I ll have it.
Aas a matter of fact I suffer for depression ffor about six seven years, most of the time ii m depressed, I refused medication when prescribed by psychiatrist, I thought that I can manage it, but at this very moment I see no more escape, everything is black for me, it suffocates me..these days I was thinking to suicide, I hope not to end up there.

Regarding eggs?can I eat eggs?and if yes?how many per week?as I like eggs..vegetables I understand that i can eat everything.
And read about that if you boil meat looses most of the purines..and you can eat it it true?

From what age do you fight gout? How many years?
Can be depression the cause for my gout?
Do you succeed to have a nirmal life?like having a job?a family? I want to make a family, but how can I do it now?will I be able to support it? I have a milion of questions.