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Finally, I’ve never seen any evidence to suggest that gout flares during early allopurinol will increase if dose is increased. Indeed, logic tells me that the opposite must be true. Because, we absolutely know that uric acid crystals dissolve faster when uric acid is at it’s lowest. Then, faster dissolution of old crystals has to reduce the risk of gout flares. Also, it must reduce the intensity and duration of gout attacks

Just a sidenote to say this is indeed in theory true but in my experience the rapid dissolution causes more dislodging and a continuous string of attacks.
I guess you could look at like this, a slow approach (moderate dosing for a safe level of uric acid) with greater gaps between attacks as crystals dislodge slowly, or rapid dissolution and consistent pain for a short period and then thats the end of your attacks (assuming you remain uric acid controlled).