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d q

Even without treatment, you wouldn’t suffer from gout all the time.

nobody, although this is true to some extent, it is not ideal advice especially with someone who is already suffering from depression. Gout attacks are not just a consequence of high uric acid and other more serious issues can arise from high uric acid as time passes which can lead to even further black hole depression.

Rich, I am not suggesting you take any gout reducing medication but it may be something you should consider more seriously rather then trying to spend all your life worrying about diet and any general pain from potential attacks. At the end of the day worrying is in part a form of depression and if your depression leads to thoughts that you have suggested (suicide, family, career, etc) then this in turn can cause you to turn to bad habits (alcohol, relying on anti-depressent medication, not leaving the house, etc) which may indeed cause further attacks.

I do not personally have depression myself but I am very aware from exposure to lots of people who do have it how the manifestation begins and how it develops into further complications (OCD, Weight gain, motivational loss, etc.).

Please keep updating us with your situation and we are all here to help.
Remember, everything is treatable by way of side affect balance.