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Rich Blazeski

Hi guys,

Thank you for being so supportive.
It s a tough time for me at this very moment, I m struggling to accept this new issue.
still i have few questions, maybe you can help me to understand what happened.

1) for how long you have to have a high uric acid in order for cristals to form/ or start having gout attacks? I ask that because I am 90% sure that 2 years ago at a routine check I had a normal value, under 5. and I don t understand what could have happened meanwhile. I didn t took drugs, didn t drink, or eat a lot. like to say this could influence.

2) shall i postpone one month for Milurit in order to see if diet can work for me or not? at least i want to try before starting to take drugs to see if i can lower u.a or not by diet. I think this make least for me. based on your experiences, what do you suggest?

3) how can i determine wheather this is because genetics or is a secondary thing that affected my u.a levels. why do i ask that is because exactly two years ago when i did that routine check was because i lost weight about 3 kgs..without reasons. and in the same time i started have a low pain in my left leg all along the leg, became a bit more tight/rigid leg/ i did that blod test and also did an MRN at my head. everything was fine, and the doctor from there supposed is because i work in office and was related to my back, didn t do further investigations, as wasn t recommended. still i have today the same rigid left leg. doesn t disturbe me . but i can feel it when i walk. and stuff.( the problem with the leg had it also my uncle, at the same age, but did pass over time..still bother him sometimes, but no issues there and he s over 60) could those two be related. ?

as i said before i put a thousands questions ..what could have happened with the metabolism worked good beforeand now for sudden the something is not properly right..

the doctors didn t ask me anything.. i paid a lot of money..on blod test/ consultations ..etc..and they just throw me out in 5-10 minutes.. take this ..and that s all..

i dont know i was expected more. to see what is the cause, what can be done to solve it, is it permanently..i ll have uric acid raised all my life. i am aware that nobody can t say that for sure..nobody can predict it, but at least try me figure out some things..

once again, guys,thank you for your support, i know that all of you suffers/suffered in some points, and i feel like i m kind of selfish. or not sensitive to your pain, i m scared and thinking to myself only..but i m quite a good person. is not like that.