Reply To: My gout diary (?)

Marc Fehr

oh my goodness what??
They’ve been prescribing me .6mg colchicine with intstructions 1 pill 3 times daily. That might be part of the problem as far as defeating attacks. That’s too low!

And just more history, so you all know, I’ve gotten it all over my feet, my knees, and sometimes I’m pretty sure it’s in my elbows and fingers. I just realized that I made it sound like it was mostly just my left foot. That’s just the one that got out of control.

Okay I’m upping colchicine to try to defeat this little attack on my right foot. I’m also upping Allopurinol to 200mg/day and will get a blood test asap (here in Alberta it’s free so I might go today even and then again next week)

Thanks so much everyone this is the first real hope I’ve had in a long time.