Reply To: My gout diary (?)


.6mg three times a day ain’t bad. It’s not a crazy way to take colchicine. I never tried to stop a serious attack with 2mg or less but if you’ve been taking 1.8mg a day for several days, it adds up and ought to be effective.
I think it’s worth trying a higher dose because we don’t know what dose would be effective in your case (just understand that unlike indo it takes a long time for colchicine to work) but I agree with Keith in that looking at other drugs seems more promising if you’ve already taken 1.8mg a day for several days.

And yeah, I had gotten the impression your gout wasn’t as bad as it seems to be after all (“only came once a year kind of thing” had stuck in my mind) but on the bright side you are now addressing the cause of the problem.
Any gout pain you get while taking allopurinol is almost guaranteed to be temporary. But you still need to find a way to stop inflammation for the last attacks still ahead of you.