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Hi Rich..
As Keith pointed out there are some folks that have gout that perhaps has been caused by Sleep Apnea…and they deal with the Apnea symptoms and the gout disappears. Good for them. For the rest of us the two diseases arise at perhaps the same time in varying forms and we have to deal with that. Mostly there are no magic bullets.

How to find out if one has Sleep Apnea, you ask.
Well the simplest and least expensive way of getting a general hint is with an “overnight oximetry test
In Canada your doctor can request the overnight test from one of the DME (Durable Medical Equipment vendors that deal with Sleep Apnea. Here is what they look like in BC.

After you take the test, the results are assessed and if the technician at the DME will suggest a trial on a CPAP machine.
Sometimes if the results are showing a high level of Apnea your Dr will request an Overnight Sleep Study, but don’t worry about that. Get yourself an Oximetry Test and go from there, in my opinion…:-)

Also you can’t go far wrong by visiting the Apnea Board, lots of great support there…

Good luck…

There are various apps for smart phones, but they will only tell you if you are snoring…not if you have SA (Sleep Apnea)