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I may have not tested twice but they have been literally in parallel of each other. Even if it was dose independent, its obviously caused some haematological disturbance. All other blood work tests are fine. That includes iron, kidney, liver to name a few. The ferritin and iron saturation levels have in fact gone up slightly because one prognosis is the body has tried to compensate for the lower haemoglobin by trying to absorb more iron from food in order to build haemoglobin up again. Those levels were absolutely fine prior to Allopurinol. The ferritin and iron saturation were going up as the uric acid and haemoglobin was going down.

I’ve done some research (including speaking with rheumatologist) to suggest Allopurinol is in fact linked to a decrease in haemoglobin and potential anaemia. We have these technical articles to refer to: (under hematologic)

He wasn’t too comfortable waiting another month to see what happens as he felt almost convinced. Frankly speaking I don’t want to hang around waiting to see if it gets worse. A month is the minimum time recommended before seeing any reasonable change in haemoglobin. So a blood test next week may show a very slight improvement but thats not definite. An upward trend needs to be seen and that would generally take no less then 4-6 weeks.

I agree entirely with the dosage, he wants to put me on 80mgs of Uloric and see how that goes but has left the choice for me to take. So i’m now torn between stopping all treatment for a month with that gout flare risk (if there is one?) or going straight to Uloric and not knowing were we are heading but not risking the gout flare.

Personally, the haemoglobin issue seems a little more concerning as thats been rock solid for literally all my life. Same goes with Liver and kidney.

I’ve done some very basic research on Uloric and blood levels and it seems as if they share very similar side effects “but not everyone gets them”. The major difference is Uloric is metabolised in the liver and Allopurinol in the kidneys. Some swear by it and are relieved to be off allopurinol whereas others found allopurinol better.

Im worried this is going to turn into a toss a coin on which option to try first scenario.

I mean it did take 6 months to go from 580 ummol/l to 283 ummol/l. Can uric acid hit peak levels in a month and strike back with a gout attack or would it generally take a little longer then a month to see any notable change/attacks?