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Whatever you do, do NOT take 80mg Uloric. That’s pointlessly strong and might make your hemoglobin situation much worse.
40mg would likely be more than enough and it would be safer to start even lower.

re: “I may have not tested twice but they have been literally in parallel of each other.”
Anything with progressive onset might be in parallel. That’s the problem with not testing twice at the same dose. It would be a strange coincidence if it was unrelated to allopurinol but coincidences occasionally happen.
Sure, anemia is a known side-effect of allopurinol. The thing is, it’s also a known side-effect of Uloric. So is anemia caused by the drugs or by something which both drugs do?
Now if the problem is indeed serious and if there’s little hope of regular anemia treatments working (they’re not only for iron) or of getting a better diagnosis with further testing, I guess trying Uloric makes sense.

As to your coin toss, it should come down to what you fear most: gout or this hemoglobin thing.
In my experience uric acid can climb back very quickly indeed if you still have crystals (and my guess is that you do). But I’m pretty sure you’re not going to end up dead because you’ve not taken xanthine inhibitors for one month whereas I’ve got no idea how serious this hemoglobin thing might end up being.