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I assume that if there are no 40mg pills on offer, it’s because the UK uses Adenuric rather than Uloric. The 80mg Adenuric pills are designed to be easily cut in half.
That would not be quite satisfactory because someone in your situation might for instance want to try 50mg and you’d have a hard time cutting Adenuric pills to such a dose.

As to your crystals, I don’t think it’s merely wishful thinking to hope that you might not get an attack right away. What matters is that the stuff that’s been cleaned out of your system isn’t going to build back immediately. So you are now less at risk of a really bad attack than you were earlier.
Lowering your allopurinol dose seems reasonable to me (else I wouldn’t have suggested it) but especially if you’re going to get tested again in 2 weeks, you’re going to get clearer data if you go cold turkey. The allopurinol you already took is going to remain somewhat effective for a few days to begin with.