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Yes, they’re marketed as Adenuric here in the UK. Could I not try 40mg and see how that goes then move up to 80mgs myself if it doesn’t fall within safe limits? At the end of the day it seems we understand more then these gout rheumatologists anyway! Seeing him yesterday made me feel I was talking with an amateur.

I guess the best option would be just to sit tight, quit cold turkey and see if the haemoglobin recovers in the next 4 weeks. If it recovers, we can always try Uloric at 40mgs or even try 200mgs Allopurinol again.

On average how long does it take Allopurinol to clear out of ones system entirely?

Thank you for your vote of confidence nobody. It really does help.
Today was horrible, it felt so strange keeping the meds in the cupboard.