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Of course you can experiment with doses but I’m pretty sure 80mg would be way too strong. These are dangerous drugs and some of the side effects seem dose-dependent. Don’t risk it.
Instead, I would rather experiment by starting with less than 40mg (pill-cutting tool required) and seeing what that does.

The value of a doctor isn’t that they are a storehouse of information which happens to be obviously revelant to your case but that they know about lots of stuff which is irrelevant to most of their patients but which might just be important to you… stuff it would never occur to you to research.

About the time it takes for allopurinol to be washed out of your system, that may not be the right question because we don’t know what’s messing with your hemoglobin.
My understanding is that allopurinol proper is eliminated quickly but that it’s turned into some other molecule which has a long half-life in the body. Best look it up instead of relying on my recollections!
But that molecule might not be the issue either. It could be some more indirect effect that’s merssing with your hemoglobin level… and who knows how much inertia might be involved? If it’s low UA which is inhibiting hemoglobin production, that should recover quickly but if for instance some alteration to your bone marrow is involved, your hemoglobin could possibly keep dropping for a long time. Like I said, I’m clueless about this.
If testing in 2 weeks seems too short, what about 3? 4 seems kind of complacent if you’re not taking any xanthine inhibitor in the meantime.