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Hi Keith, yep, I started the thread in the general discussion forum because I thought it was more of a friendly catchup between us usuals on my situation 🙂
Anyway, if its more appropriate here the thats also fine.

With regards to haemoglobin and safe levels, if you remember a few months ago I was a little worried to start Allopurinol because of my thalassemia and how it may affect the condition, well my haemoglobin generally lies around 7.5 – 8.0. Now any human can tolerate a few g/dl up and a few g/dl down. The problem in my case is that it has dropped by about 2 points to 5.5g/dl. I don’t have any specific symptoms (yet) as my body generally is accustomed since birth but it has led my haematologist to be a little concerned going forward. We discussed a number of options in connection with the change of lifestyle after starting allopurinol like increased vinegar intake, water intake, cherry intake, etc. and none of them seem to be indicators for g/dl decrease.

We then moved onto pharmacology factors like my incredibly long gout attack (that is still linguering around), naproxen usage, if any colchicine was used, etc. and we couldn’t find any link.

Finally we looked at Allopurinol and we noticed a steady decline of haemoglobin approximately 3 months after starting it (in December). The decline was almost linear with Allopurinol so we’ve decided to stop it cold turkey to see if it will reverse the drop.

You have experience with starting and stopping Allopurinol Keith, do you think one month without Allopurinol might trigger a flare? I’ve been on it since December and my uric acid has been about 283 ummol/l for all of May and around 336 ummol/l for around all of April.

Any pointers or direction you can give generally too?

Thanks mate.

p.s. thank you for that graph. It is indeed interesting.