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As far as I can tell, the liver effects of febuxostat are actually quite common. Is there anyone reading this who has taken febuxostat without getting a markedly depressed AST/ALT ratio?
The issue is, are the effects bad enough to warrant discontinuing the drug? Usually that is not the case. But the more you take, the worse the effects are likely to be. Hence pill cutting.
Note that you can cut the Adenuric half-pills with a sharp knife. It’s not very practical (the fragments are likely to fly away from the pressure required to cut the pill) but it works. And you need no tools or preparation to break the pills neatly in half.
Also note that some pill cutters do not work well with Adenuric pills.

About the excretion test, my rheuma says you need weeks without meds to get a clean result.
But then DQ was planning to stay off the meds for a few weeks anyway. If my hemoglobin was at 55, I would probably want to see the value recover a bit before trying another drug which is known to cause anemia.