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@Keith, no worries mate, like I said it was because I didn’t want to clutter this forum with the usual team’s technical exhaustive discussions.

anyway; yep, I stopped allopurinol on the 1st June and did a blood test the very next day to baseline everything. I’m going to hold off both the allopurinol and febuxostat until I get tested again in mid June and again during the first week of July. If the haemoglobin shows any signs of recovery (even just an upward trend) then I’ll give febuxostat a shot. Since they both work in the same way except where they are metabolised it would probably be safer for things to settle down and allow all medication to leave the system first before starting anything again. It could be nothing to do with allopurinol but we will soon find out. Mid-way through June when I see my GP again I will be sure to bring up the 24 hour UA excretion test. How does that work?

; yes, i’m a little concerned about the level of attention the liver abnormalities side effect gets. I guess the usual health vs benefit lingo comes into play here. Assuming allopurinol was the culprit I will be sure to start with 40mgs febuxostat and not 80mgs as my rheumatologist suggested.
Yes, 55 is pretty low and it would probably be wise to sit and wait for a month or so. Just out of curiosity, will the remaining half of the pill still be of use? It won’t for example oxidise and lose its effective properties (out of wrapper and cut in half)?

Keith, out of curiosity, when you stopped Allopurinol did you get an attack shortly after? That is my biggest concern! I’m constantly worrying that an attack may strike as the levels of UA increase over the next few weeks.

nobody, I know your going to say summon the powers and patience to press on for the next 25 days and I will.. 🙂