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Rich Blazeski

hi d q, thank you for your reply.
below you can see the values that I found during last five years.
Date Total Bilirubin Direct Bilirubin Uric Acid
10.02.2012 2,61
02.03.2012 1,78 0,46
29.05.2015 2,172 0,589 5,8
02.05.2017 1,61 0,49 5,5
03.05.2017 5,59
18.05.2017 5,9

for bilirubin the normal values are:
Normal Values UOM
<=1 mg/dl ==> total bilirubin
<=0.3 mg/dl ==> direct bilirubin

in 2012 after the checks the dr told me that he thinks is gilbert sindrom and i don t have to worry about that.
still, I m trying to figure out what is the cause for my uric acid levels. in hope that whether is a secondary cause and I treat the cause I might get rid of this of u.a.

one more time..the pain is still there at a low level, at a bit swollen sometimes. altough it s been over a month since has begun. and take milurit 100 mg for 12 days.ate only few times meet, no alchohol at all.