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Keith Taylor

I try to avoid snap judgments based on incomplete information. But I’m 90% confident this is a Secondary Gout case with a primary disease of morbid obesity. So, I’d expect significant benefits from healthy diet. Because it’s very common for morbidly obese patients to recover from gout with only lifestyle changes.

But, getting to healthy eating is a long-term process. So, gout can get worse during that time. That’s why I increasingly recommend allopurinol for a year or two. Because that allows you to get uric acid safe in a few months. Then, you can implement healthy eating at a realistic speed.

Some of the detail is wrong here. But the direction looks good. I just hope your gout recovery is managed properly, MAzzaroth Man. So, keep posting about your progress.

Is Banana good for Gout?

Many gout sufferers wonder if banana is good or bad for gout. So first, I’ll say again: “No single food should ever make a big difference to your diet. Because a good gout diet starts with a wide range of different foods from all important food groups.”

Having said that, once you have established a healthy gout foundation diet, you might want to tweak it by changing some of your fruit intake for gout-friendly options.

Now, lots of people come here looking for advice about gout & banana. Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence to make a strong case for banana being good for gout. But some evidence suggests that at least it might not be bad. Because one lab study confirms that banana is high in antioxidants [1]. Prior to that, another lab study shows that banana can reduce artificially high uric acid in rats [2].

Neither of those should imply that bananas will help human gout. But they do suggest this is a potential area for more research.

Banana and gout references

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