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I would listen to what these posters are telling you, especially d q. His advice is spot on. While your Uric Acid is really high, you are a ticking time bomb. You didn’t state your age, and age plays a role as it pertains to Gout attacks. My Uric Acid was always high, Every physical I had for work, my Uric Acid was always above 7, and the doctor would ask me if I had ever been diagnosed with Gout. I said, “No, never. What is Gout? Is that the condition drunk people get?” I didn’t know jack squat about Gout, and thank God I found this place.

Fast forward to age 44 and BOOM…I suffered my first Gout attack (my Uric Acid was around 9.6 at this time). My Rheumotologist did EXACTLY what d q said. “Let’s wait and see if you suffer more than 3 per calender year.” That is really horrible advice in hindsight and let me tell you why…just because you are not suffering Gout attacks, doesn’t mean your Uric Acid is getting better. It’s getting worse. It’s getting higher and with high Uric Acid comes attacks, and potentailly bigger health problems such as liver disease, heart disease, and kidney problems.

Again, I don’t know how old you are but if that profile picture is you, you look young. If it’s not you, I apologize but don’t confuse high Uric Acid and the lack of Gout attacks as not having Gout. Take care of that high Uric Acid BEFORE you get an attack and you will thank us later. I promise