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Since you’ve gotten no answer yet, here’s my opinion:
You’ve already tried a drug which would likely be sufficient to cure your gout. You’ve so far as I know experienced no severe side effects (were routine liver and kidney function tests carried out as is generally recommended?). So why don’t you stick to that drug until your gout is cured?
Maybe you won’t have to take that drug for life. But you very likely are in for a world of pain if you don’t take such a drug until you are cured. What you may not realize is that for years uric acid has formed solid deposits in your body. They are not detected by blood tests but they are what causes gout and other problems. You will need get rid of them and that takes time.
Losing weight, eating well and so forth is great. But curing gout that way is at best a slow process. You may not even know if you’re making progress because the deposits will cause frequent gout pain and erratic blood tests. It would be much easier for you to start from a clean slate after having eliminated your deposits. Then you’ll be able to quit the drug and evaluate the effect of diets and such on the amount of uric acid in your blood while remaining free from gout for a while.