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Rich Blazeski

Hi nobody,

The doc., doesnt even want to speak with me, now he replied to my email and said in a confusing way that I shall take 20 pills of 1100 mg of milurit, monthly and have a diet, that was all!am I crazy?i don t know what to believe, again I paid for consultation and again I didn t receive any explanations, one month ago he told me to take milurit for 20 days and revert to him with the blood test, now he told me via email that take monthly 20 pills, for how long?what diet to keep?what are the causes of my gout? I told him via email that I am very stressed for the last two year and a half, that I lost 3 4 kgs 2 years ago with no reasons, and I believe was because of stress..what he said..? Nothing! Is it stress a possible cause? I don t know?but I would like to know whether gout is because of genetics or something else..I spent a lot of money ..and no results, no answers. .pain still thereover 1 month and 7- 8 days..started to lower but still present. Today I played to casino and I lost money I had very high emotional stress and when I left casino I felt the pain in my foot although all the morning was really [email protected]?!..
This month I m going to move in Luxembourg, I hope I m gonna find a good doc there to help me with at least some explanations.

Meanwhile didn t I ate few times a little bit of chickens breast, is that allowed? I m thinking to start eat like 3 times per week at lunch small portions. What do you think?